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Photos of the Beacon Event to celebrate
HM the Queens 90th birthday

Exning Parish Council

This page will be used for information from or events arranged by Exning Parish Council.

Temporarily there isn’t a website for the Council

If you need information please contact the Parish Clerk, Mrs Cathy Whitaker at exningpc@acmwhitaker.co.uk

This information, from Forest Heath District Council, has been forwarded by the Parish Clerk

The District Council is currently carrying out a Community Governance Review (CGR) to look at whether changes are needed to parish electoral arrangements.

A CGR should result in parish arrangements _for local government_ which:

  (a) reflect local residents' sense of community identity;

  (b) improve community involvement in local democracy;

  (c) provide for stronger communities;

  (d) provide better local democracy; and

  (e) result in more effective and convenient delivery of local

government services at parish level.

One of the issues in the Review is a proposal to amend the _local government_ parish boundary for Exning and therefore we would welcome your views as a key local stakeholder. We will also be seeking the views of Exning Parish Council, Newmarket Town Council, the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and individual local electors affected by the proposal.

The Council is consulting on the specific recommendation attached to this email. It can change this recommendation in the light of responses received during this consultation, so it is very important that people let us know whether they agree with it or not.

The consultation closes on 19 MAY 2017 and the final decision on the review will be made in the summer of 2017.

More background information about the review, including guidance for respondents, can be found at

http://www.westsuffolk.gov.uk/community/cgrforestheath.cfm [1] .

You can respond to the consultation by replying by email to cgr@westsuffolk.gov.uk or writing

to me at the address below. Thank you for your help with the review

Yours faithfully

Fiona Osman

Elections Manager

Direct dial: 01284 757105

Email: cgr@westsuffolk.gov.uk